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I Simply Am Looking For A sub-slave To Use And Abuse To My Heart Content Till I Am Satisfied And He Or She Is Begging For More .
Je Recherche Simplement Un Ou Une Soumise-Esclave Qui Aime Etre User Et Abuser Et Qui En Redemande. Je Suit Top Dom Et Tres Severe , , , I Am Top Dom And Very Sadistic And Severe. Je Suit Egalement Hiv Negative Allors Aucune Crainte Et Je Recherche Meme Chose!
I Am Also HIV negative And Expects The Same !To Be Clear For Those That Ask , I Enjoy Torture , To Use , To Abuse And Degrade Little Sluts To My Hearts Content ! Also Have A Great Sense Of Humour Enjoys Also Spending Time With My sub-slave Relaxing , Need to update and make sure any sub-slaves wish to know me better and know more about me u must understand very clearly that i am a true Sadist enjoying very much Every Aspect The Control And Domination In All Ways ! So u think u have what it takes then message me but no time wasters ! If i happen to add you to my messenger and u do not make an effort to show me you truly mean what u say u will be deleted off my list very quickly so u all now know not here for games !

I am a very open person who seeks a sub-slave that not only listen well but also has a great sense of humour has great communication skills and also most important is honest and truthful about all for 1 thing i do not and will not tolorate are lies . So if thats you be a pleasure speak with u and perhaps more who knows ,,, So dont be shy message me ,,,, Hope to hear from u soon :-) .

KEEP ON DREAMING,,,CAUSE IF YOU AINT GOT YOUR DREAMS,,,YOU AINT GOT NOTHING...For most of the world, domination is a sign of anger and suppression, yet in the context of a leather scene it can be an act of caring and affection. As children we were taught that submission is a sign of weakness, yet in our realm submission becomes a voluntary surrender of power and an act worthy of respect. To some, bondage is a cruel affliction to be fought against. In our community, it can be an experience of soaring freedom and release. Acts of discipline can be punishment, a source of fear and trauma, but when it is part of a "scene" it can be a framework of protocol for our play. We take pain, ordinarily something to be avoided at all cost and embrace it, transforming it into pleasure.

Hope to hear from u all and be safe and be well until then .
About My Fetish
My Main Fetish:
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Into: "hermaphrodites", "look me in the eye while i'm hurting you" (giving), abrasion play (giving), abuse (giving), abusive relationships, abusive, dirty, and unrelenting name-calling (giving), adipophilia (fat people fetish), age is just a number, all day cock sucking (receiving), anal abuse (giving), anal, gags, bondage, wax, caning, oral sex, pain, flogging, whips, biting, breast/nipple torture, breath play, clamps and clips, clothespins, deep throating, depilation/shaving, corsets, face fucking, face slapping, fisting, figging, forced anal, icecubes (giving), asian female slaves, sluts, submissives, asian female subs, pets, slaves, ass to mouth (giving), ass worship (receiving), ass. full of ice, hot curling iron in vagina (giving), atm slaves (receiving), baby i know it hurts just take it for daddy, ball gags, ball kicking (giving), ballbusting (giving), balls nailed to board (giving), bare bottom spanking (giving), bastinado, bathroom use control (everything to do with it), bbw animal play, bbw bondage, bbw lovers (everything to do with it), beasitality (giving), beat me til i bleed then beat me harder (giving), beaten into female toilet slavery submission (giving), beating a masochist with extreme violence (giving), beating her like a cheap whore, beating till crying and bleeding (giving), beatings (giving), beatings, beatings, beatings, beatings. (giving), been ordered what to do over a web cam (giving), begging (giving), begging to be hurt and humiliated (giving), behavior modification, being a cum slut (giving), being a no limits slave (giving), being abused (giving), being beaten (giving), being beaten into submission (giving), being beaten up then used as a toilet (giving), being brutally beaten, fucked and pissed on., being burned by a cigarette or thin cigars (giving), being canadian (everything to do with it), being daddy's piggy, being forced to do something disgusting (giving), being fucked with a hand on my throat and threats being whispered into my ear (giving), being held down and fucked (giving), being in me, being on me, whispering to me, making me a dirty girl (giving), being kicked in the cunt (giving), being made fun of for being fat (everything to do with it), being made to do things i don't want to do (giving), being made to eat from a dog dish (giving), being my familys sex slave (; (giving), being over 40 and still kinky as hell!, being pimped out (giving), being sold as a prostitute (giving), being sold/rented (giving), being thoroughly used as daddy's dirty little fucktoy slut whore (giving), being thrown around like a rag doll, being tied up, beaten and tortured (giving), being treated like a piece of meat, being used (giving), being used against my will (giving), being used as a female toilet (giving), being used as a sexual object, being used as a slut (giving), being used as a toilet for a fetish party (giving), being used as the filthy little fucktoy i am (giving), being used, abused and crawling back for more (giving), being violated whilst sleeping (giving), being written on, belt spanking (giving), belt whippings, bizarre fetishes, bizarre object insertion, black women, black women white men, blow jobs (receiving), body writing, bondage, boot licking (receiving), branding (giving), branding with hot branding irons (giving), breast bondage, breast spanking (giving), breast whipping (giving), breast/nipple torture (giving), breath play (giving), bring-them-to-the-edge-of-orgasm-but-don't-let-them-cum-for-a-while (giving), bruises (giving), brutal beating, brutal dry anal fucking for punishment, brutality (giving), bukkake (everything to do with it), bullwhipped until fainting (giving), burning (giving), burning my clit with a flame (giving), burning my sub with cigarettes (giving), burning someone with a cigarette (giving), buttplugs, caging/confinement (giving), candaulism, candle wax, catheters (giving), cbt = cunt & boob torture (giving), chastity devices, cherished_slave (everything to do with it), choking (giving), cigar torture (giving), cigarette burns (giving), cigarette punishment (giving), cigarette torture (giving), cigarette torture, human astray burns (giving), clamps and clips, clit & pussy spanking/flogging (giving), clit burning (giving), clit pumping (giving), clit spanking (giving), clit torture (giving), clothespins, cock and ball torture (giving), cock caning and whipping (giving), cock nailing (giving), cock slapping (giving), cock slapping spanking and whipping (giving), cock whipping (giving), cock worship (receiving), collar and lead/leash (giving), corporal punishment (giving), corrupting younger girls, corruption of the darker kind, crawling, cruel and demented experiments (giving), cruel and unusual punishment (giving), cruel torture (giving), cryer, slapping biting degrading using and pretty much making her..well..cry (giving), crying (giving), cum drinking (giving), cunnilingus, cunt punching (giving), cunt torture (giving), cyber sex, dacryphilia, daddy and daughter sleeping naked, dark masochism (giving), debase, demean, defile, degrade me... please (giving), defilement (giving), defilement of all kinds, esp with pee, cum, boogers, and food (giving), degradation (giving), degrading namecalling (giving), dehumanization (giving), dirty ass to mouth (giving), dirty asshole play (receiving), discipline (giving), doctor/nurse play, doing housework naked (watching), doing what i am told even if it is disgusting, dominant masochist, drinking piss from the cock (giving), drugged submission (giving), dyktp (everything to do with it), eat me, beat me, mistreat me (giving), electrotorture (giving), enemas (giving), erotic photography, exposing your most taboo and secret desires, exposing your most taboo and secret realities, exreme enemas (giving), extreme beatings (giving), extreme cbt (giving), extreme cock torture (giving), extreme genital torture (giving), extreme kinks you won't admit on fetlife, face beating (giving), face farting (giving), face fucked,and slapped around like a bitch (giving), face fucking (giving), face punching (giving), face sitting/smothering (giving), face slapping (giving), face spitting (giving), fag bashing (giving), family love (watching), fat assed mexican chicks, fat girls, feeling worthless (giving), female humiliation (giving), financial domination, forced anal (giving), forced anal as punishment (giving), forced bi (giving), forced deepthroat (giving), forced enslavement (giving), forced nudity (giving), forced oral, forced piss play (giving), forced submission (everything to do with it), forced toilet (giving), forced toilet slavery (giving), forced toilet slavery & consumption (giving), forced toilet slaves (giving), forcing you to do dirty things... (giving), forcing you to do things you've never done (giving), full human toilet (giving), full toilet (giving), full toilet & forced consumption (4 female hotties) (giving), full toilet forced consumption (giving), gagging on daddys cock (giving), gagging/choked by cock (giving), gags (giving), genital torture (giving), getting inspections from master (giving), golden showers (giving), grabbing you by the throat while i smile (giving), grandmother sex, hair pulling (giving), hammer huge nails through my cock head (giving), hammering nails in cock&scrotum (giving), handcuffs (giving), hanging by balls/cock (giving), hard use (giving), having my ass licked clean by an eager little slut (receiving), hearing 'good girl' after being used as a complete and total vessel for nothing more than his pleasure - even if i asked for it in the first place and hate being treated like an object lol (giving), holding my legs open for a pussy beating (giving), horny from a very young age, hot convicted female sex offenders, hot piss replacing hot cum in my mouth (giving), household objects being inserted into my pussy, human animal (giving), human ashtray (giving), human atm (receiving), human atms (receiving), human k9 training, human pee toilet (giving), human toilet (giving), human toilet paper, human urinals (giving), humanity reduction, becoming less than human. (giving), humiliated and used, then crawl back for more (giving), humiliating fat slobs (giving), humiliation (giving), humiliation slave (giving), humiliation slut (giving), hurting white boys (giving), i don't fucking care how much it hurts (giving), i love to be fucked in my ass and made to suck cock (giving), i want to make you hurt really really good (giving), identical twins (everything to do with it), incest play (everything to do with it), insertion de sonde (urètre) (giving), intellectual humiliation (giving), intense painful clit torture (giving), interrogation (giving), kneel, crawl, beg, cry (giving), lactation (everything to do with it), large sums of money (receiving), lavement (enema) (giving), learning and testing my limits (giving), leaving marks for you to remember me by (giving), licking dirty assholes clean, lingerie (watching others wear), making daddy cum (receiving), making girls cry, making home movies (everything to do with it), making you do whatever the fuck i feel like, when i want it, how i want it, and you will like it because i like it (everything to do with it), male authority (everything to do with it), male humiliation, masochism (giving), masochist (giving), masochist whipping, master control my bathroom use (giving), master/slave, medical play, men who love to see girls cry (everything to do with it), men who treat women like a fucking doormat.. (giving), mind control, miscellaneous kinky things that are generally considered to be revolting/painful/wtf/reflective of a deep psychological disturbance in polite society (giving), moaning, screaming, groaning and other sounds of pleasure and pain, molestation (giving), mom and daughters (watching), mommy jacking off her son (watching), money (receiving), money slaves (receiving), mother daughter, multiple tortures at the same time (giving), mutual masturbation (everything to do with it), nailing cunts and tits to wood, naked and crawling along the ground wimpering and begging for more (giving), nipple play, lactation, bondage, handcuffs, flogging, bisexuality, blindfolds, blow jobs, breast /nipple torture , clit spanking,double penetration,exhibitionism, voyeurism, fisting, poly home, name calling, masturbation, vibrators, sex toys,sex in public (giving), nipple/clit cigarette torture (giving), no limit slavery (giving), no limit torture, no mercy, no reason, just pain, no safeword play, no safeword, no mercy, no stopping (giving), nudity (everything to do with it), obedience training (giving), obedience training, puppy or kitty play, face play, choking, food control, forced exercise, boots, worship, fear (giving), objectification (everything to do with it), older moms, oral sex (everything to do with it), orgasm control (giving), orgasm denial (giving), otk spanking (giving), owning a girl and her sis/mom (everything to do with it), owning legally-acquired, no-limits slaves, pain (giving), pain & pain & more pain (giving), painsluts (everything to do with it), pay pigs, human atm, cash cows and pimped out men (receiving), peeing outside (watching), people with real photos of themselves, petplay (giving), photography (everything to do with it), physical humilation (giving), piercings, pig pig pig pig piggy pig pig (giving), pig play (giving), pig sluts (everything to do with it), pig training (giving), piggy play (giving), piss drinking - straight from the tap (giving), piss drinking,shit eating whore., piss pig (giving), pliers on my nipples, pliers used as a torture device, posing wife (watching), pre-teen littles, predator/prey, pregnancy (giving), pregnant (everything to do with it), pregnant sex (everything to do with it), preteen age play, pulling my hair and leading me places i say i don't want to go but secretly do and i'm glad you made me (giving), punching (giving), puppy play (giving), pussy pumping (giving), pussy shaved perfectly smooth and hairless (giving), pussy slapping (giving), pussy torture (giving), pussy, clit torture, spanking (giving), pussy/clit belt spanking (giving), putting my cigarette out on you (giving), random acts of sexual violence (giving), rectal temperature (giving), riding crops (giving), rim jobs (receiving), rimming (receiving), rough sex (giving), sadism, sadomasochism (everything to do with it), self inflicted pain (watching), self-destruction (watching), selftorture (watching), sensory deprivation (giving), sex slave, sex with mother and daughter together, sexual objectification (everything to do with it), sexual slavery (everything to do with it), short skirts with no panties (watching others wear), showing off wife (watching), slapping her pussy while face-fucking her, slave masochist, slavery (giving), small penis humiliation (giving), small penis loving, small tits, spanking (giving), spanking over my knee harder and harder to make you squirm and kick and cry, holding on to you tightly so you cannot escape, spanking you harder and faster so your resistance dies (giving), speculums, speech restriction (giving), spitting on her (giving), spreader bars, sub couple who seek a dom (everything to do with it), submissive couple (everything to do with it), sucking every cock in my family (watching), suffering, suffering.. for your pleasure (watching), swallowing (giving), taboo, taboomommy, taking naughty pictures, taking orders (giving), talking dirty (everything to do with it), tears, tease and denial (giving), tens unit (giving), that sexy little glimmer in a sadist's eye when he knows he's hurt me..., things that are taboo, filthy, and "wrong", things that are too illegal to post online (everything to do with it), throat fucking, face slapping, and being reduced to a whimpering, drooling puddle of girl goo. (giving), throwing you around like a ragdoll (giving), tied and beaten bloody with a baseball bat, tit nailing (giving), tit slapping, toilet (giving), toilet humiliation (giving), toilet slave (giving), toilet slavery (giving), toilet slut (giving), torture my cow teats and udders (giving), toys, trample (giving), turning decent women into worthless whores (giving), urethra fucking, urethra play, urethral barbed wire sounding (giving), urethral play, urethral sounding (giving), urethral sounds (giving), use me, im worthless (giving), using random household items for completely perverted purposes, vaginal stretching (giving), vampires, vda (violent displays of affection) (giving), verbal humiliation and degradation (giving), very taboo, vibrators (giving), vile and degrading abuse (watching), violence (everything to do with it), violet wand (giving), waking daddy up by grinding my ass against his cock so he'll wake up and take what belongs to him (receiving), watersports (giving), wearing nothing under skirt (watching others wear), webcams, what ever pleases my master (everything to do with it), whips (giving), white owned nigger property (giving), women in prison movies, women who drink from toilets (everything to do with it), women who look like jailbait, you pretending to be a mindless fucking cunt that can't say no to whatever twisted fucking thing i tell you to do (giving), you've gotten so fat, you filthy pig (giving), you, being my toy to use as i see fit (giving), young girls, young girls / older men (everything to do with it), young pussy, younger girls, younger women who like older men (everything to do with it), your deepest naughtiest most secret fantasy (everything to do with it).

Curious about: dads who fuck their real blood daughters, eldery men 60 plus 4 men, female circumcision, illegal fantasies and thought crimes, mtf fucking ftm, power exchange (watching), tempting daddy to do things he knows is wrong, total power exchange, urethral fucking (giving), urethral stretching (giving).

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