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Basic Personal Information
Birthday: (69 years old)
About Me
Who I Am:

What is it with this sudden flood of so many self proclaimed Mistresses demanding obedience.. .. Did some call out for a pizza and get the wrong number or something.
I do not mind the real things, but I have the feeling most are just spammers of trying to get their kicks is all


I have notied that a lot of our female members are stating they wish to experience the "Dolcett" Experience . . for real.
Do they realize that 95% of the time it is fatal!!

There is no turning back fron it. Especially beheading and spitting. You will winds up as meat on a dinner table or else your body will be dumped in the woods someplace.

With that said, Good luck to all of you thaat wish to see what it is really like.


I have managexd to acquire a large band saw (The type used in slaughterhouses and butcher shops to cut up meat) and I am seeking any famale wishing to volunteer to help me put it to good use,
My freezer is looking a little sparse and would like to fill it up.
Anyone wishing to help me fill it up, please contact me

Everyone keeps asking me who I am . . .. I am the person you really don't want to meet in a dark alley!

9-11-2011 - - - - - -FYI
Just to let everyone know, I do not like the publkic chat offered here, I prefer private chatting, and I do enjoy chatting, especially with women
If you want to, my YIM is haplefratz.
However, do not be disappointed if I may reject your request, I am very picky as to who I choose to add

Currently seeking a female submissive in my area for possible bondage sessions and photo shoots
If anyone is interested, please send me a message.. ..

A kinky and perverted senior citizen. The picture that you see is really me. I have been a practicing Dom for over 35 years and a fan and collector of Dolcett for longer than that.

I am mean, nasty and show no sympathy.

And a main peeve of mine is those that are not what they say they are or claim to be.

I will not bullshit anyone, but if you do not want to hear the cold brutal truth, then I advise you ask me no questions.

Like quite a few here I have a Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde type of personality. In my normal everyday life I am like Dr. Jekyll, a caring husband and father, and help friends and neighbors when I can and am able to.
However here, I am Mr. Hyde, the evil and frightening person lurking in the shadows that you need to be afraid of.
Then there is the BD&SM side, which is more Mr. Hyde, and the more extreme the session, the darker I become.

I feel that I should let you know . . That I do not roleplay . .. I would much rather chat about whatever fantasies and fetishes that would be mutually enjoyed.

And a further note . . .If you are ain reality a man pretending to be a woman . . then don't bother me.

I do not worship feet nor do I worship females.

i USE females for my own perverse desires. If this bothers you, or you have any fear, then perhaps i am not what you are looking for.

If in your mind you think I am not what I say I am, nor will I do what I say I will, then think again.

Favorite Quote:
"Pain is your only true friend because it reminds you that you are still alive!" - KANE

"Thers is a fine line between genius and insanity." - Oscar Levant
About My Fetish
My Main Fetish:
Enjoying Dolcett and the like. Talking about fantisies. I am a Dom and sadist.

I am growing hungrier as each hour passes.
Do I need to seek an unwilling participant to help satisfy my hunger . . . Or is there anyone who wishes to aid me. I promise that it will be a very erotic and 'unforgetable' experience . . but alas, one that you will only experience once . .

Other Fetish Interests:
Female snuff, Bondage, Pain. Female hanging and asphyxiation, Female beheading

A simple one step method to combine two fantasies as one.
Combining beheading and hanging is very simple . . . Instead of using a rope to hang your victim .. use piano wire instead, the thiner, the quicker it happens

I have recently grown an interest in the Japanese art of suicide, known as Seppuku or Harikiri. Anyone wishing to talk about this, please feel free to message me
What I Like To Do With People I Meet Online:
Talk about fantasies and true life experiences.
And some may be anough to frighten you.

What I Would Like To Do With Someone Offline:
Pretty much the same . . can be somewhat extreme. If the women are not too afraid, they could possibly find out what I might really be deep inside .. on my darkest side.