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Death Lover Ready to die­
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Basic Personal Information
Death Lover
Birthday: (49 years old)
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About Me
Who I Am:
I,m single male very nice in real but i have a very dark fetish inside me and i would like to enjoy it here with you .
Favorite Quote:
i would like to be riddled with bullets
i would like to fry on chair
i would like to swing hanging
About My Fetish
My Main Fetish:
I like to kill and be killed shooting or stabbing , i like it through belly button , and lower ,......with a pregnant women in executions and more ....

And i like to fry on chair with my lover

I like to play with men or women both as i like to share my fetish about me getting executed with women as a wife or daughter as well as to die with other cpl as family death .

Other things i like :

shooting , stabbing , e chair , hanging , suicide , force suicide , execution , and many other things .

To be used by women , executed by them or with them
Other Fetish Interests:
Taking photos of my self for others to use , acting for them on cam , talking about my wife being killed , or we be killed together , or suicide , and recently i have many new interests from sharing with friends here
What I Like To Do With People I Meet Online:
Role plays , sharing ideas , talking about other fetishes , talking and acting on cam some times if u like .

sharing pics and videos with others and reading story's

my yahoo id " execute_me0"