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Sushi_michele away over ne­w year at a ­friends back­ on monday. ­Happy New Ye­ar friends a­nd fiends
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Abuse, rape, snuff of older girls , Amputations , Animal+Vore , Auction , Beheaded woman , Beheading , Buried alive , Burnt Witch Appreciation , Buzzsaw Peril , Caged Slavegirls , Clit Cutting , Cloud Videos , Club X (UK) , Consensual fetishs , cooked during Sex / served during sex / "fucking with meat after cooking" , Crucified females , Death by Slow Torture , Debreasting2 , Deutsche Dolcett/Snuff Geschichten , Disembowelments, guttings & eviscerations , Dolcett Girls , dolcett restaurant , Drowning , Electric Chairs , Elite Hunting , Epicurean Corner , Explosives/Burning , Exsanguination , Fans of Vore , Female Meat Market , females tortured to death , Fleisch-Girls , girls getting shot in the pussy. , Gynophagia , Hanging , Headsman's Block , Human Sacrifice , Hungry Monsters , Impalement , Incest , kitchen , Meat-packing plant , Milk Farm and Slaughterhouse , New debreasting group , On The Garrotte , oven baked girl/guy dolcett style , Sawing a woman in half , Schinkenklopfen für zarteres Mädchenfleisch - Spanking for tender girl meat , ShortDrop-Hanging , Stalking and Kidnap Club , The Cannibal Pot , The Cannibals , The human butchery , tit torture , Torturing Unwilling Victims , Woman on fire , Zoophilia
Basic Personal Information
Birthday: (31 years old)
About Me
Who I Am:
please note I am not interested in you being the victim either with me by others or by me. As far as I am concerned females are for snuffing, eating, torturing etc males are the ones who do it

keep getting asked for a pic which I understand but not yet happy to post pics of myself on sites like this when I am more confident about it I will

30 years old female living in the uk. into all types of dolcett fun vore, sushi, butchering, prey, meat, beheading, execution and all others

ok keep getting asked what I am like here are the measurements for your meat/victim/prey

height 5'9"
hair long brunette (sometimes blonde)
long slender legs
122 pounds of meat
36C breastmeat
Favorite Quote:
you're meat
About My Fetish
My Main Fetish:
dolcett always the meat wherther it's raw, boiled, roasted, on a spit or any way you can think of
Other Fetish Interests:
execution, hanging, drowning, butchering, torture, knives, axes, garrotte, vore,k9, prey and anything you can think of so long as I am the victim/meat/prey
What I Like To Do With People I Meet Online:
all of the above
What I Would Like To Do With Someone Offline:
anticipate fulfilling my main fantasy late spring/summer 2017